Sykes & Orullian… To the Death!

So it seems that after he gave us a breakdown of personal author battles, Sam Sykes has attracted a new challenger! During the Ranting Dragon interview with Peter Orullian, this question came up: “If you have to battle Sam Sykes, what is your choice of arena and weapon, and how will the fight go down?

What they received in return was a complete short story, detailing how Orullian and Sykes would undertake the battle of champions—a rock battle, complete with screaming fans and air guitar. Of course, Sykes wasn’t going to take that lying down, and he responded in kind. (Well, kind isn’t really the right word for it…it’s pretty brutal. Like, not-for-the-faint-of-heart brutal. Still, he means it out of love. We think.)

We’re never going to make Sam Sykes angry.

Now there’s a poll, and we’re curious… who do you think would win? Don’t forget to cast your vote!


Stubby Stubby Stubby! Fight fight fight!


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