Trailer Review: Ra.One

In terms of the number of people who go see his movies, Shahrukh Khan may very well be the biggest movie star in the world. Of Bollywood’s massively successful “Three Khans” (the other two being Salman and Aamir, both of whose popularity is equivalent or near) Shahrukh has expressed the most interest in emulating Hollywood movies. The fruit of this interest? Ra.One, due to be released this October 26th.

Plot details are a bit hard to come by, but judging by the trailer the movie consists of a lot of Shahrukh Khan flying around and being awesome. It’s very important to understand, for newcomers to Bollywood, that Shahrukh Khan absolutely, unequivocally delivers the goods. Sure, not every movie he’s ever made has been good, but he always gives an audience its money’s worth. With that, we can be fairly certain that a superhero FX movie with tons of complicated stunts (that Shahrukh swears he’s doing all himself, for what that’s worth) starring Shahrukh Khan will be worth our time. SF fans, take note. You’re going to want to check this one out.

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