Brandon Sanderson Launches Leigh Butler Re-Read

Brandon Sanderson, of Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians fame, has decided to take some time out from writing fourteen fantasy novels a month and catch up again with’s Wheel of Time expert, Leigh Butler. “I dedicated a book to her, did a signing with her,” the bestselling author says. “I think it’s about time I reread her posts.”

Sanderson admits that it won’t be easy to write posts about rereading posts about rereading books, but he’s up for the challenge. “I just ask that the readers don’t spoil anything in the comments, please. You may have reread the Re-read already but this is my first time rereading her rereads.” is considering a separate spoiler thread for those who have reread all of Leigh’s rereads and want to comment or re-post comments, freely.


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