Yes, you can eat the droids: Geek Cakes!

Okay, so we love all sorts of geeky trends. Converse high tops. The influx of SFF television that seems to have sprung up out of the snow to greet us this spring. Wayfarer sunglasses coming back into style. But one of our favorites is cake.

As Donkey once so sagely pointed out to Shrek, everybody likes cake.

But we’re talking about special cakes. Cakes created to make our inner geek glee. So let’s revisit our childhood love (and get rid of our adult guilt) while we look at some of the coolest nerd cakes that the world has to offer.

Serenity cakeCharm City Cakes of Baltimore, Maryland is the place where everyone’s favorite Food Network show Ace of Cakes is set. Be honest—we all wish we could work there. It’s creative, fun and everyone there seems to be a certified nerd and totally proud of it. Plus, they make some of the most incredible cakes the world has to offer. That AT-AT up there? That’s their work. Also the Serenity to your left. Other notable cakes they’ve done have included the Millenium Falcon, a Lego Indiana Jones and Hogwarts Castle. Yup, the whole thing. They’re pretty, uh, how should we put this…talented?


Stargate cakeIf you’ve got some fondant handy and a little know how, we imagine that this Stargate cake might be one of the easier tasks to pull off. After all, the cake itself doesn’t require any fancy carving. It’s just a nice 8” round center piece for any good friend’s birthday. Or maybe your upcoming Stargate SG-1 rewatch? That blue icing sure makes a lovely event horizon to any edible wormhole, and the gate symbols are flawless.


Buffy: The Vampire Slayer cakeFor the Buffy fan in your life, look no further than this killer (literally) design by Cake Nouveau. Just make sure that your vampire boyfriend doesn’t get anywhere near it; we’re pretty sure that steak is not made of real wood, but it could be a clever ruse—the exact sort of ruse Buffy might use at a party full of suspect guests. The color scheme on this one is what really makes it, combined with that perfectly scripted logo. Also, it’s hard to stop giggling over the little Mutant Enemy hanging out on the bottom of the cake, groaning and stalking with his usual lackidaisical air.


iPhone cakeThere are plenty of smartphones hanging around these offices, so clearly, someone should make us this incredible iPhone cake. Like the Stargate one above, it looks like it might be possible to pull this one off with fewer skills as long as you had some fondant on hand and an eye for detail. The fact that every little app logo is so bright and cheery in stark contrast with the black cake is pretty amazing. It was made by Sugarcat Cakes, for anyone interested in impressing their boss or tech-saavy friends.


Hulk Smash cakeHULK SMASH! He smashed the cake! The cake is smashed! I mean, Spider-man’s on there, and that’s great and all, but in the end it’s kind of irrelevant because the Hulk is smashing your wedding cake. Whoever came up with this idea is a total genius, but the credit in creating goes to Mike’s Amazing Cakes, which really does live up to its name if you go by the stunning pictures in their gallery. Check out some of their other designs—there’s an Alice in Wonderland one there that’s absolutely gorgeous, plus a Tin Man and some adorable dragons.


Dragon cakeSpeaking of dragons, guess what materials make up that crimson-winged figure to the right? Not only is this dragon made of cake, but it’s guarding your D&D dice (as well as some gold for good measure), which makes it a very nice companion to have on your side…provided you don’t accidentally anger it into burning down your house. Another Mike’s Amazing Cakes creation, the detailed musculature on this work of art would make any sculpting student jealous.


R2 Unit cakeFor those interested in the How-Tos and step-by-steps of the finer cake arts, there’s this lovely photograpic diary on how to make this R2 unit cake. Not that it makes the process look any easier. If anything, it just leaves you thinking, ”how on earth does someone manage to carve rice crispies into that flawless shape?“ Mark Joseph Cakes is responsible for the execution, and the cake is an available design for customers, according to their website. The cake itself is red velvet, which means this one only looked prettier once it was finally cut up and served. Also, you might have noted that it was created for a four-year-old’s birthday. How many of you feel totally gipped on the cakes you got as a kid now?


Super Mario cakeThis Livejournal entry details how a groom received the best wedding gift ever on his special day. Apparently, after searching far and wide for a Princess Peach cake topper, he and his fiancee had given up and gone with a boring old dessert buffet cake. Little did he know what was waiting for him at the reception; it seems his new bride had searched for the figures on eBay (they traveled all the way from Japan for the occasion) and had a special cake turned out for him by the folks at Gateaux. It’s hard to think of a sweeter way to show someone you care on your wedding day. (Oh gosh, that was a pun and a rhyme in one sentence. It was an accident, I swear. It will never happen again. It’s the cake, it’s making us all…saccharin.)


Star Trek Amok Time cake

There are other ways to make a cake say the important things. That said, we’re hard pressed to figure out what this person was trying to say on the Star Trek cake here, created by SHAM Bakery. After all, the scene depicted on it is the one from ”Amok Time,“ where Spock kills Kirk (or thinks he has) due to the madness brought on by Pon Farr. Nothing says ”birthday“ quite like that, does it? The only thing we can figure is that they were making a connection between the birthday boy’s name, ”Stone,“ and the Vulcan who Spock was supposed to be fighting for T’Pring’s hand in that episode, ”Ston.” Yeah, we got nothing.


XKCD cakeThere are plenty of us who would like to make incredible cakes for all our geeky friends, but we simply lack the skill and/or patience. Luckily, someone has figured out a workaround: just make a sheet cake and pipe on your buddy’s favorite xkcd comic. This person did just that and ended up with absolutely stellar results. Here’s the strip that the cake is modelled after, for those of you who are curious about the text. We can’t imagine anyone who would be disappointed by this dessert, and it demands no artistic skills whatsoever.


Dalek cakeAnd a Dalek cake. Because we all know the truth deep down inside: that humanity will not have fulfilled its potential as a species until we have made Daleks out of every available material on the planet. It is written in our genetic code. Anyway, look how cute and ominous it is. It’s even lit from underneath, so you can gasp in awe when the lights go out and everyone starts singing. We just hope that this baby Dalek lacks the appropriate power capacity to fire. It may be made of cake, but the darn thing just looks so real.


David Tennant and his tiny Dalek cake

To close out, we leave you with David Tennant holding a mini scrappy-looking Dalek cake. Just because. Oh, come on, it’s making you smile. Don’t deny it.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and often random voice of Its sweet tooth threatens world domination if not appeased with cake.


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