Game of Thrones Food Trucks Coming to NYC & LA on Monday

We have to give points to HBO for creative marketing, at least. Starting on Monday, March 28th and going until April 1st in NYC, a Game of Thrones-themed food truck* will be roaming around both NYC and LA, serving 300 portions a day of A Song of Ice and Fire-related food, with LA getting their share from April 4th to the 8th.

*The phenomenon of the food truck is an odd little city-specific game. We can’t speak for LA, but in midtown NYC it’s basically like playing hide and seek. Depending on the day, there is probably a truck parked somewhere on a nearby block serving mountains of Polish food/cupcakes/gourmet waffles/etc. for only three bucks. But you have to find it before it drives away or it’s deli soup for you!

The menu was put together by chef (and Top Chef judge) Tom Colicchio and will feature five dishes in all, inspired by the five regions of Westeros and lands beyond it. According to Colicchio, “The Wall, for instance, is very far north, its very cold, but it is bordered by sea so they do get seafood up there. So I decided to create a black fish stew.” And for the Riverlands? Sweet corn fritters!

The truck will announce its location every day through Twitter. Hopefully it’ll swing by the Flatiron next week. Looks like Monday is the King’s Landing menu.

Click for the full version

HBO has also provided the recipe for the above lemon cakes, if you’d like to try some medieval fantasy cuisine in the comfort of your modern home.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and would like to propose that HBO host a tourney in Madison Square Park to promote Game of Thrones, but understand if that proposition is just a wee bit messy.


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