Explore Your Favourite SFF Worlds in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world, retro-styled videogame that places the player in a never-ending and dynamically-created game world, gives them the ability to build (nearly) anything they want and then sets them free to explore.

Quaint, huh? But like a plain canvas, Minecraft just oozes potential and awaits an ambitious artist to unlock its secrets. Needless to say, there have been some incredible constructions, many drawing inspiration from some of our favourite science fiction and fantasy universes.

I’ve gathered together some of the Minecraft creations that have impressed me the most, whether from their accuracy or their scope—they include a 1:1 scale model of the USS Enterprise, a perfect replication of the overworld from The Legend of Zelda and even Laputa from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Tad Williams’s Southmarch Castle

Tad Williams' Southmarch Castle

I recently finished Tad Williams’s Shadowmarch series (more photos) and enjoyed it immensely. Much of the winding narrative of the series is wrapped around the mysteries and mythologies of the ancient castle Southmarch. It was fun to have the chance to see Williams’s iconic creation in all its blocky, 3D glory.


Star Trek’s USS Enterprise

Wow. just… wow. I used to build a lot of candyland spaceships with my mix-and-match Lego sets. In the world of my imagination, they towered over me like this 1:1 scale model of the USS Enterprise.

Unfortunately you can’t wander around inside (yet), but the pure dedication and precision of building something so massive deserves respect.

[Via g4tv.com]


Mass Effect’s Nos Astra

Mass Effect's Nos Astra

Minecraft’s toolset and colour palette lends itself greatly to recreations of fantasy settings. That makes this model of Mass Effect’s Nos Astra (more photos) even more impressive.


Jonathan Swift’s Laputa

Jonathan Swift's Laputa

I want to quit my job and move there. That is all. Watch a video or look at more photos.


Bioshock’s Rapture

One of the most defining features of Bioshock on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC was the incredible atmosphere that developer 2K Boston was able to achieve. It seems crazy that a bunch of pixelly blocks could do Rapture any sort of justice…but it works. Somehow, it works.

[Via: Geek.com]


The Legend of Zelda’s World Map

The Legend of Zelda's World Map

Ooh, the nostalgia!

Now, consider that the artist has not only recreated the entire overworld from The Legend of Zelda… but has also included all the caves (including the hidden ones!) and dungeons. Watch a video.


Pokemon’s Kanto Region

Speaking of nostalgia….

Few games remind me of my childhood like the original Pokemon games. I spent hours trolling the Kanto Region capturing those pesky pokemon and could see myself doing just the same in this Minecraft creation.

[Via: Otaku Experience]

* * *

So, a tip of the hat to these artists and creators. Do they have too much time on their hands? Maybe. Do they show extreme, admirable dedication to their favourite games, novels and movies? Absolutely.

Do you play Minecraft? If so, what are your favourite creations?

Aidan Moher is the editor of A Dribble of Ink, a humble little blog that exists in some dusty corner of the web. He hasn’t won any awards, or published any novels. But he’s, uhh… working on that.

He is also a contributor at SF Signal and the lackey for io9’s Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.


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