Make Your Own Paper TARDIS

Weekly Who is taking a break this week so we can present to you this fun Who home project!

Make your own paper TARDIS! …Or Dalek, or Cyberman, or Adipose, or even Doctor.

deviantARTist Cyberdrone (Chris), has created free, downloadable Doctor Who Cubee figure patterns for all eleven Doctors, many of the companions, a handful of TARIS models (even the Bad Wolf one), and a slew of enemies. He’s made more varieties of Dalek than you can shake a sonic at. And you can make any of them using nothing more than a printer, some scissors, and a sharp knife/box cutter.

What’s a Cubee? It’s a pattern for a paper toy which can be printed flat, cut out, and folded together. It holds its shape through interlocking tabs, rather than tape or glue. The Cubee Craft site (where some of these designs are featured), has FAQ and printing help. They even have a template for you to make your own.

I e-mailed Chris/Cyberdrone (not the same Chris who runs Cubee Craft) to ask how he made these work. He replied

My work is just on MSpaint [put] into the cubeecraft template and then [I] just use the free GIMP program to do the 3D preview illustrations of how they will look when cut and folded up.

Some of my favorite patterns are (click on the image to go to the pattern):

Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel Cubee papercraft

(With two face options.)


Damaged Cyberman

Damanged Cyberman Cubee papercraft

(You can make several kinds of normal ones, too.)


Baby Adipose

Baby Adipose Cubee papercraft

(Something those of us with black and white printers can make!)

Now we just need a volunteer to find out whether making a thousand paper TARDISes will summon The Doctor or just men in white coats.

RuthX is a mild-mannered librarian by day who serves the dread lord Cthulhu after dark and needs a hobby knife and color printer, STAT.


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