Goggles and Top Hats in the House: Photos from Steampunk Stylin’ at The Way Station

Okay, so we’ve been a bit gushy as of late about The Way Station—but, as the new den of nerddom in Brooklyn, why not? Last Sunday night was no exception, when the bar threw its first official steampunk event since its opening. Steampunk Stylin’ was a energtic night filled with fine musical performances, well-dressed gents, lovely hats, and, as the night wore on, an endless line before the TARDIS.

You can check out some pics from the evening after the jump.

The full album of photos is up over at Tor.com Steampunk’s Facebook.

Steampunk Stylin

Say Cheese! Michael Salerno whips out his steampunk camera. Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography.


Miss Scorpio

Larisa aka Miss Scorpio of Gemini & Scorpio, Party Maven. Photo by Michael Salerno.


Steampunk Stylin

Cheers to you! Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography.


Cthulhu hoodie

This Cthulhu hoodie looks positively possessing. Photo by J.M. Coen.


Ay-leen and Lucretia

Lucretia Dearfour and I were MCing the event. Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography.



Samara of Dancing Frozen graces us with her svelte bellydancing. Photo by Babette Daniels of Event-ography.

Ay-leen the Peacemaker runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana.


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