Is Starz the New SF and Fantasy Network?

Today it was announced that cable network Starz is developing a supernatural crime drama called The Brink. Based on a J.C. Hutchins novel, this new show is being produced by Gore Verbinksi (director of the Pirates of the Caribbean series) and revolves around a character who claims to have precognitive knowledge of various deaths. The twist seems to be that this character is also a serial killer. It is being billed as a cross between House, CSI, and The X-Files. (But not Dexter?)

With fan-favorite Torchwood returning to screens via Starz in America, and their new original fantasy series Camelot forthcoming, it seems to us that this network may be trying to tap into the SFF television audience.

Between this and all the crazy 17th Precinct casting news, it sounds like SF in your backyard is here to stay….

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