Facebook Roundup: Heavy Metal & Robo-Tattoos!

This week on our Facebook sites we giggled at monsters, revived our love for Dungeons & Dragons and imagined what it might be like to pedal down the street on a parlor car built for four. Join us in a little review of our satellites!


Tor.com Science Fiction

War of the Worlds Poster at Tor.com Science Fiction


Tor.com Fantasy

First Law series map at Tor.com Fantasy

  • Ethan Gilsdorf talks of rekindling his love for Dungeons & Dragons and the affect it has had on his life.
  • Take a look at this fantastic fan-made map for Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series.
  • A documentary on Blizzard Entertainment, the developer responsible for Starcraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo. Congrats to Blizzard on turning 20!


Tor.com Urban Fantasy

Little Red at Tor.com Urban Fantasy

  • With Red Riding Hood out soon in theaters, take a look at 9 films that have done their own take on the classic fairy tale.
  • Entertainment Weekly give us a list of the 22 silliest movie monsters.
  • Zombie pirates again? Check out some concept art for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film and see what you think.

Tor.com Steampunk


Tor.com Art Department

Blade Runner Concept Art at Tor.com Art Department


Tor.com Wheel of Time

WoT News at Tor.com Wheel of Time


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