Weekly Who: Bunnies, Buffy & Intl. Women’s Day

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

Short column this week, with only one real news item of note. Of course, it’s a great big one. Perhaps the biggest one you can get aside from hearing the TARDIS materializing outside your door in real life. (SOMEDAY.)

This week the BBC and BBC America announced that the dual season premiere of Doctor Who season 6 will take place on Saturday, April 23rd. Both sides of the pond will receive new episodes on the same day. Surely, the Doctor would be proud of such synchronization.

On to the cool stuff we’ve found kicking around this here internet:

1.) Doctor Who season 5 credits in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer style. YouTube user punkocarp crafted a very stylish, very well done version of the Doctor Who season 5 cast as presented in Buffy credits style. Take a look.

2.) We’ve got a theory, it could be bunnies… Artist Lar DeSouza has crafted Velveteen Rabbit versions of the various incarnations of the Doctor. (Five’s celery makes so much sense now…) Check out the complete set at the above link, or just go straight for the TARDIS wallpaper. You can also check out his other works here. We were particularly fond of the Klingon Wile E. Coyote. Illustrations are copyright 2011 Lars DeSouza

3.) Let the Daleks help you celebrate International Women’s Day. Did you miss it this year? Tor.com staffer Chris Lough did the same thing a few years ago and made his friends a Doctor Who International Women’s Day card to make up for it.

Doctor Who International Women's Day card

Click for a larger version

Yeah. He’s definitely working at the right website.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com and tends to be a voice for semi-official business and general randomness from the staff.


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