Audioslice: Winter’s Heart by Robert Jordan

For as long as I’ve worked at Macmillan Audio, I’ve been fielding questions about Robert Jordan’s Winter’s Heart audiobook.

“Why is Winter’s Heart so incredibly hard to find on CD?”

“When will I finally be able to buy the CD version of Winter’s Heart?”

And so go the laments.

Well, lament no more. It’s been years since the physical audiobook was readily available, but Winter’s Heart on CD (and digital download) is now here!

Macmillan Audio recently acquired the rights to the 9th book of the Wheel of Time series, giving us the entire collection thus far, and we’ve rereleased it for your listening pleasure.

Yes, the esteemed Michael Kramer and Kate Reading do narrate this one too. And yes, it’s probably a good idea to listen to the whole series all over again in anticipation of A Memory of Light.

Need a fix? Listen to a clip below:

In honor of the rerelease, Dragonmount is hosting a giveaway. Head over there to enter to win a Towers of Midnight audiobook signed by Brandon Sanderson as well as a copy of the Winter’s Heart audiobook.

Samantha Beerman is spreading the word about audiobooks.


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