Weekly Who: Torchwood Has a Ghostbuster Now (Ghostbusters Are Cool)

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning (or late afternoon if we’re particularly swamped!) we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

Last week we gave way to Karin Kross’s fantastic Gallifrey One convention recap. Which means this week we’ve got a LOT of cool stuff to get to, including news, videos, a surprising amount of t-shirts, and more than one 60’s rock group staffed by the Doctor.

In the news this week:

Ernie Hudson as a Ghostbuster1.) Torchwood: Miracle Day has cast former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson as a guest star in its coming series. And with his addition to the cast, plus Wayne Knight, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose and more, we’re going to need to start counting toes to keep all the genre actors in Torchwood straight. Who’s next? Kevin Sorbo? (Well, Russell T. Davies? Is he next??!?)


2.) Doctor Who is getting an MMORPG! We’ve resisted playing MMORPGs for years now, but damn, you’ve got us now. The free (!!!) Flash-based game is called “Worlds In Time” and the gameplay revolves around you helping the Doctor fight a threat on any number of worlds. Hopefully the game will be expanded to allow you to play as any incarnation of the Doctor (or companions) that you want.

Doctor Who MMORPG

There are no visuals from the game yet, but hooray for Comics Alliance for posting the above awesome unrelated image for it!


The Way Station

3.) Steampunk and Doctor Who-themed NYC bar The Way Station is finally open! The Way Station, which features a replicated TARDIS as a bathroom, which has been struggling for the past year to obtain a liquor license, finally succeeded this past February! We here at Tor.com look forward to getting plastered on sonic screwdrivers and waking up in a strange TARDIS with an angry mob pounding on the door.


4.) How to write Torchwood: Miracle Day. Check out the below video of Jane Espenson and Doris Egan at a Gallifrey One panel talking about the challenges, thrills, and mechanics behind writing for a Welsh science fiction series transported to L.A. Lots of good details and nuts and bolts info in this one.


Awesome Doctor Who stuff around the web:

Kate Beaton's Doctor Who comic

1.) Comic artist Kate Beaton has never seen Doctor Who, but nails it anyway in this comic.


The Doctors as The Who

2.) One of TeeFury’s t-shirts of the day was this depiction of 60’s/70’s rock group The Who as staffed by the Doctor. Check out the detail on those Dalek drums! (Also we think Ten makes a better Pete Townshend, but why quibble over awesome when it’s still so plainly awesome?)


Sgt. Pepper Doctor Who

3.) The Doctors as The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper era. DeviantArt artist raisegrate, responsible for last year’s “Penultimate Supper” depicting the various Doctors in Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, has busted out with this new rendition of the various Doctors, foes, companions, and then some filling the roles on the classic Sgt. Pepper album cover.

How many figures can you name?


Doctor Who Crack tee by Billy Allison

4.) Vote for the return of the crack! Artist Billy Allison created a custom tee on Qwerty of Eleven and Amy peering out of the crack in her wall. Visit the link to vote it back into production!


Escher Doctor Who by Anna Marie Jung5.) Escher defies space. Doctor defies time. Both defy nudeness. Check out this t-shirt by Anna-Maria Jung which depicts the Doctors getting lost (or just playing a long game?) in M.C. Escher’s famous stairs illustration. (And buy the tee at the above link!)

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