Upcoming SF Events in March

If there’s anything science fiction readers and watchers, gamers and otakus enjoy more than their particular hobbies, it’s getting together to talk with like minded people. Doing so on tor.com is great, as is doing it in person.

What follows is a list of some of the events that will happen over the month of March. It in no means tries to be comprehensive, but I do try for geographical and thematic variety. Feel free to add events near you, large or small, in the comments.

Anima, the International Animation Film Festival of Brussels

March 4-13, Brussels, Belgium
Opening with the much awaited Ghibli Studio release Arrietty, the Borrower, this festival will feature over a hundred films (shorts and feature length) from 11 countries.

Geekfest MontrealMontreal Geekfest

March 6-7
Montréal, QC
Celebrating all things geek: SF, anime, demos, gamers, computers and more, this festival aims to brings everyone together to share their passion and discover what others spend countless evenings on.

Chicago Comic & Entertainment ExpoChicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

March 18-20
Chicago, IL
Better known as C2E2, this event will have just about everything including the kitchen sink. A few of the guests expected are Paul Cornell, Garth Ennis, China Miéville, and Bill Willingham, but there’s tons more announced on their website.

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

Santa Clara, CA, March 25-27
This year’s event has a theme of the Wild, Wild East. The weekend exhibits include an Outdoor Steam and Kinetic Enclosure featuring some of the most amazing things the builders and makers attending have come up with. Guests include Cherie Priest, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennet, and James Ng.

René Walling is a fan of SF, animation and comics, this has led him to co-chair Anticipation, the 2009 Worldcon, be involved with fps magazine for more than a decade, write reviews of francophone short fiction for The Portal, and start Nanopress, a Canadian small press. He looks forward to living on Mars where he would benefit from having more than 24 hours in a day.


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