The Fantasy World Map by Dan Meth

Cartoonist and all-around Internet magician Dan Meth is back with The Fantasy World Map, featuring imaginary realms drawn from myth, legend, and classic literature to more contemporary fiction, television and movies: everything from Tolkien to Dr. Seuss, Sir Thomas More to the Krofft Brothers. This is actually the twelfth in Meth’s ongoing Series of Pop-Cultural charts; we wrote about the first installment here, and you can find the rest here (personally, I’m a big fan of his Futuristic Movie Timeline. Zardoz, FTW!).

Now I can spend the rest of my Friday planning out the perfect imaginary vacation—I’m thinking I’d start out in Neverland, then maybe take a pirate cruise down to Living Island (which I can only imagine is kind of like Ibiza, but with puppets). Not sure about Camelot, though—I hear it’s a silly place. So, where would you go first? And is there any place on your wishlist that didn’t make the map? (Besides Randland?)

Bridget McGovern now wonders if the Swamps of Sadness share a soggy border with the Bog of Eternal Stench (having naturally assumed, as a kid, that they were located somewhere near Newark).


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