Adrianne Palicki’s Casting As Wonder Woman Hints at Show’s Integrity

Among famous female superheroes, it’s pretty hard to find one as iconic and recognizable as Wonder Woman. For generations, the incomparable Lynda Carter fought for our rights in her satin tights, but now there’s a new amazon in town. Yesterday, it was announced that Adrianne Palicki is set to play the titular role in the new Wonder Woman TV show currently in development for NBC.

Palicki is no stranger to genre acting either, having had a minor role in Supernatural, and having starred in both the unaired Aquaman pilot and the unaired The Robinsons: Lost in Space pilot. Her Aquaman chops are a bit B-movie, but you can’t say she’s not trying to make the role of partygoer/killer-fish/genocidal maniac Siren as believable as she can.

Palicki is easily the most engaging in her role as Tyra Collette in the NBC series Friday Night Lights, a show noted for its realistic, fleshed-out characters.

At first, the choice of Palicki seems a bit off. She was featured heavily in two unaired pilots and a TV show that never managed to get beyond its cult audience. However, considering that she landed the high profile part of Wonder Woman despite all of that suggests that Palicki must have really presented an intriguing rendition of the character, inspiring the producer or showrunner spearheading this project to really fight for her casting. That approach hints at an integrity and clearer vision for a Wonder Woman show than has previously been revealed.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what approach the show will take with Wonder Woman. For now, just try getting that Wonder Woman theme song out of your head.

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