Six Amazing Fan-Made SFF Movie Posters

Star Wars movie poster via Olly Moss

Creating a good movie poster is an artform. A lot of the time, the professional designers get it right. They create works of art that perfectly capture our favorite movies. Sometimes, though, they get it wrong.

The Road movie poster by Karezoid

The Road movie poster via Karezoid

Up movie poster by Profound Whatever

Up movie poster via Profound Whatever

Each of the films featured here each originally had some pretty rockin’ posters. I mean, who could forget Natalie Portman’s chilling visage on the poster for Black Swan? Or the absolutely classic poster for Star Wars: A New Hope?

Black Swan movie poster by Sam's Myth

Black Swan movie poster via Sam’s Myth

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie poster by Movie Cultists

Harry Potter movie poster via Movie Cultists

You can leave it to the fans, however, to reinvision these classic films and produce just-for-fun movie posters that equal the actual movie posters, if not completely blow them out of the water!

In some cases, the fans even make amazing posters for movies that are only just recently announced, like The Dark Knight Rises:

The Dark Knight Rises movie poster by Daily Blam

The Dark Knight Rises movie poster via Daily Blam

So, what are some of your favorite movie posters, official or fan-made?

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