Weekly Who: Hello Sweetie

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

This week, love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re dedicating today’s Weekly Who to the affections of Time Lords and their various companions. We start with the above Doctor Who Valentine’s Day cards by Rachelle A. Bellar. Click the above image to see even more card selections. They’re available for purchase here, but you better hurry!

For the romantics among us:

1.) David Tennant narrates the sensual frigid mating dance. Listen to the Tenth Doctor purr and preen as a polar bear attempts to attract a mate through a complex display of being totally weird.


2.) The Eleventh Doctor is a girl now. Girls are cool. Check out DeviantArt user “janey-jane” as she whips up a TARDIS dress and convinces her best friend to dress up with her as a tidily female Eleven.

Female Eleventh Doctor and TARDIS dress

Details on the construction and hidden details (suspenders!) are available at the above link. This pic gives us the feeling that eventually the Doctor will regenerate into a woman and River Song will exclaim, “Now there’s my Doctor!” (Oh dear, we’ve opened a big fanfic door here, haven’t we?)


3.) If the TARDIS is a’rockin’, don’t… wait, the TARDIS is always a’rockin’… We’ve got an original piece for you here on Tor.com for this week’s Weekly Who. Check out Ryan Britt’s article on the sexy subtext in Doctor Who.


Mainly tidbits in Doctor Who news this week:


More random cool stuff:

Doctor Who infographic by Bob Canada

1.) Hang this inside every TARDIS door: Doctor infographic. All the basic details about the Doctor’s eleven personas (and then some) are assembled in this infographic by Bob Canada. Click the link to see the full version.


2.) Daleks have no concept of walkies. We cringed a little but couldn’t help chuckling at this video of a tiny Dalek holding a full-size dog at bay.

The YouTube video page has a great follow up comment: “Here’s hoping the Dog-tor came out on top!” Indeed.


3.) Tense, but the tri-dimensional chess games are epic. Check out the below Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover drawn by comic artist Mike Mayhew and colored by Rainer Beredo. (Thanks to PodPod for the correction!)

Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover by Rainer Beredo

Click on the image to see a larger version. Careful, Doctor. Can’t sonic a bat’leth!

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