Fables Reread

Fables Reread: An Introduction

It’s that time again. Welcome to the next comics reread on Tor.com!

Last year we had a blast working our way through Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan together, and I’m happy to announce that, this year, Fables will be getting the reread treatment. Each Thursday, there will be a new post—most will be about one trade volume, though with the later, heftier books they may be split over two posts. We’ll talk characters, symbolism, plot, familiar mythologies, whatever: the re-read encourages discussion. I’ll summarize the volume and offer my thoughts on it, then you chime in with yours. It’s community-supported literary criticism! (Also, we can nerd out as much as we want.)

Bill Willingham’s long-running Vertigo series has attracted attention, praise and awards from both the comics and speculative fiction communities. It’s won thirteen Eisner Awards and garnered two Hugo nominations in its run so far, and it’s nowhere near finished. It’s also inspired a spin-off (Jack of Fables), a novel (Peter and Max), and other single-volume additions (1001 Nights of Snowfall, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love). The artists involved with Fables range from series mainstays Mark Buckingham and James Jean to Lan Medina, Bryan Talbot, Mike Allred, and many more. We’ll be talking about them just as much as the writing, characters, and stories themselves.

There are currently fourteen trade collections in the Fables series alone, published by Vertigo and available in most bookstores and comic shops. This week we start with the first published volume, “Legends in Exile.”

Whether it’s your first time reading Fables or your tenth, I hope we can have an awesome conversation. Catch you every Thursday!

Fables Reread Index

Who’s Who in Fabletown—and why you might want to know by Lenny Bailes
Fables Volume 1 Legends in Exile Volume 1: Legends in Exile by Brit Mandelo
Fables Volume 2 Animal Farm Volume 2: Animal Farm by Brit Mandelo
Fables Volume 2 Animal Farm Volume 3: Storybook Love by Brit Mandelo
Fables Volume 2 Animal Farm Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers by Brit Mandelo
Fables Volume 2 Animal Farm Volume 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers, Part 2 by Brit Mandelo

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