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Q Has a Fondness for Edgar Allan Poe

Here’s a delightful treat for anyone suffering from the afternoon/evening blues: John De Lancie reading Poe’s “The Raven.” Prepare yourself for those smooth, melodious intonations, everyone. (Especially you, Jean-Luc.)

Okay, we’ve all seen Q do some wacky things to upset our stalwart,  unflappable Captain Picard, but this is one that really should have made it onto the show. Can’t you just see this episode? The crew is thinking about celebrating that old Earth holiday Hallowe’en (a nice gesture for the kids on board) and suddenly Q shows up. He wants in on the fun. Picard is suitably annoyed.

Cue a sudden scenery change. Q sitting in a smoking jacket and slippers by a roaring fire in a large macabre-looking house. There’s a thunderstorm outside. Picard wants to know why he’s dressed like a Victorian chimney sweep (because stock characters used by Dickens clearly don’t belong in a romantic gothic setting; Q just likes seeing soot on Picard’s face). Q recites a little poetry and Picard and crew end up having to figure their way out of the haunted mansion.

I should write a spec script for this. Who wants to help?

(via Dave Bailey)

Emmet Asher-Perrin thinks that if she were omniscient and bored, bugging Patrick Stewart is absolutely the first thing that would come to mind.


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