Facebook Roundup: Vader Cute Overload, Ender’s Game Movie & New Ice & Fire Comic!

It’s that time again! Every week we round up some of the more intriguing links the Facebook portals discover. This week an epically popular novel is FINALLY on the way to becoming a movie, steampunkers show us how to tie a bowtie, and we buy werewolf perfume for Valentine’s Day. Science Fiction Fantasy

A Song of Ice and Fire comic by Daniel Abraham
 Urban Fantasy

Werewolf Perfume

  • Werewolf Perfume. No word on whether it’s supposed to attract werewolves, turn you into one, or just make you smell like one.
  • Buffy fans rejoice!  Now you can slay your vampires and eat your cake, too.
  • Simply loads of new urban fantasy TV shows are coming to your screen soon! Steampunk

Steampunk flash drive Wheel of Time Art Department

• In honor of Bat-Week, go ogle an assortment of great Batman covers at

•  Spectrum Live is coming to Kansas City in May

The Google Art Project has launched! Explore museums from ANYWHERE!


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