Steampunk Music Video: “Eye of the Storm” by Lovett

The music video to Lovett’s song “Eye of the Storm” is a beautiful example not only of steampunk (which it portrays magnificently) but of music videos as a form of art.

The video follows the story of a solitary pilot flying his airship into the titular eye of the storm. The music is haunting and beautiful, and is perfectly matched by the grimness of the stark world and vast clouded skies of the video.

The video is an art piece that clearly tells a story using only a single human character and no words, save for the song in the background. The result is incredible; the video for “Eye of the Storm” in fact proves to be a short film with no dialogue conveying a cohesive story in only five minutes. Let there be no question that music videos can be art, and “Eye of the Storm” proves it.

G. D. Falksen applauds the fine work that was put into “Eye of the Storm” and hopes that more music videos will follow this artistic short film style.


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