Podcast: “The Great Defense of Layosah” by Peter Orullian

This week on the Original Fiction Podcast, we have Peter Orullian reading his story “The Great Defense of Layosah”:

Layosah Reyal sat at her kitchen table across from the two visitors, and ignored them. In her arms, her baby started to cry. She whispered softly to Audra to soothe her, as the two soldiers from the Recityv army patiently waited. The closer man balled a fist, his leather glove creaking in the stillness. Layosah had noticed her callers’ clean cloaks and polished blades when they entered her home—these were no men-at-arms, but a special envoy.

Check it out on the story page, in iTunes, or at the TorDotStories RSS feed. Happy listening!


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