Short Science and Fantasy Fiction in January

Science fiction and fantasy has a long and colorful history filled with not only epic series and break-out novels, but short fiction. Below the cut, we point out short stories from January that you may have missed.

A small note: the listed stories are not meant as a comprehensive list, so feel free to explore the linked magazines and fiction sites for more, or point out other January releases in the comments.

Abyss & Apex (Edited by Wendy  S. Delmater)

Mind Diver,” by Vylar Kaftan. Dr. Rashid was all ready to take a vacation from mind-diving, but everyone has a price…

Analog (Edited by Stanley Schmidt)

Hiding Place,” by Adam Troy-Castro. Clones and the the future of human relationships get a little dicey!

Asimov’s Science Fiction (Edited by Sheila Williams)

Clean,” by John Kessel. A sequel to the first story Kessel ever published!

Clarkesworld Magazine (Edited by Neil Clarke)

Ghostweight,” by Yoon Ha Lee. Lissie plays a card game against the ghost of… herself?

Electric Velocipede (Edited by John Klima)

Carte Blanche,” by Genevieve Valentine. A haunting and brief tale of captivity….

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Edited by Gordan Van Gelder)

“The Bird Cage,” by Kate Wilhelm. The popular author’s latest! (Print only.)

Interzone (Edited by Andy Cox)

Noam Chomsky and the Time Box,” by Douglas Lain. A near-future world not too different from our own….

Lightspeed Magazine (Edited by John Joseph Adams)

REPRINT: “The Elephants of Pozan,” by Orson Scott Card. What are we going to do with all these elephants?

Strange Horizons (Edited by Niall Harrison)

REPRINT: “The Third Wish,” by Joan Aiken. Would you use all three if given the chance? (Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky)

Making My Entrance With My Usual Flair,” by Ken Scholes. What’s an out-of-work clown to do? Selling insurance doesn’t seem quite right, but maybe a road trip with a three-eyed monkey will be just the thing….

Beauty Belongs to the Flowers,” by Matthew Sanborn Smith. In Miho’s world, nanos, plastic surgery, and robot girlfriends can fix just about anything…or break it.

Weird Tales (Edited by Ann VanderMeer )

Secretario!”, by Catherynne M. Valente. In the City, there are three kinds of people: the dead, the devils, and the detectives.


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