Weekly Who: Colin Firth for a Sweeter, Gooier Master

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

And we know that this is the third time out of three posts that we’ve opened with Daleks, but we can’t help it. This week brings us the Ride In Dalek by toy company Zappies who, it appears, also make Angry Birds toys.

We realize you’re probably on the floor giggling right now, but don’t stop here! There’s more Who-ness after the cut.

In Doctor Who news:

VOTE COLIN FIRTH FOR EVIL1.) Awww, one time (for all time) Mr. Darcy and general romantic comedy trope Colin Firth wants to play a villain in Doctor Who! Actually, he wants to play Moriarty in Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s current Sherlock Holmes series, but from the tone of the interview he seems tired of playing pliant, be-sweatered men in general, so we’re extrapolating. We vote for Moffat bringing him on as a regenerated Master. (Unless that’s Moffat’s plan for River Song? In which case WHAAAAT.) John Simm is marvelous, but probably wouldn’t pop the same with Matt Smith as he did with Tennant.

The Autobiography of Elisabeth Sladen2.) Elisabeth Sladen, known for playing Doctor-and-decade-spanning companion Sarah Jane Smith, will release her autobiography on April 25th from U.K. publisher Aurum Press Ltd. This release is U.K.-only, which is a shame as it sounds like it has the potential to be a pretty interested read. Sladen has shared the screen with eight out of eleven incarnations of the Doctor, and done her time in the trenches with the Third, Fourth, and to some extent the Tenth. She certainly must have some stories…

Character Options Doctor Who set

3.) In the “d’awwwww” portion of the news, more Doctor Who toys are making their way out into the world from U.K. toy company Character Building. The tiny models can be un-built and re-built with each other and environment playsets, which prompted Karen Gillan to comment:

“I absolutely love these miniature toys of The Doctor and Amy Pond despite the strange sensation of seeing myself immortalised in plastic and miniature and buildable…and dissectible.”

Karen Gillan gets threatened with dissection a lot.

The toys were debuted recently as part of a Doctor Who memorabilia booth at a recent toy fair. You can take a look at lots more swag from it courtesy of ActiveDad.

On to the cool stuff!

Police box interior

Photo copyright Immanuel Burton

1.) Know your police box history! They don’t all come in that recognizable boxy blue. They’re not even all boxes. And what’s inside isn’t a spastic wonderland of technology, libraries, catwalks, and wandering pools, but rather…a desk and a chair. For paperwork. That can’t be soniced.

In all seriousness, though, we got lost for a good while on this Police Box history site. Interesting stuff!

2.) What one could very well use inside an actual police box is a hot mug of tea, strained with this TARDIS tea strainer by Amazon Butterfly.

TARDIS tea infuser by Amazon Butterfly

Except then there would be a TARDIS materialized inside of a TARDIS and oh look our brain fell out.

3.) Commenter Rob Hansen pointed out this cool Dalek serial, Second Empire by Mechmaster last week. It’s hard to imagine Daleks needing the use of a city (especially one with huge lava lamps) but the work invested in it is pretty impressive.

4.) Charlie Jane Anders over at io9 put together an awesome list of the top ten time-sinks in science fiction and fantasy. Number one? Doctor [email protected]#$in’ Who. (Number six? The Wheel of Time. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

5.) The first comic detailing the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, is now out. Is it worth picking up?

6.) Disney afternoon cartoons from the mid-90’s got a lot of play in the office here yesterday, prompting us to rewatch this mashup of the Gummi Bears theme song and Torchwood:

(And the other one, too.)


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