Best SFF Novels of the Decade Readers Poll

Best SFF Novels of the Decade Poll Update 01/28

Our Best SFF Novel of the Decade Poll recount is still ongoing (and going and going) but it looks like the plucksome staff here at will have some final results for you between the middle and end of February.

That seems like quite a while, but keep in mind that it has to get squeezed in between a hundred other projects. We’re also taking more time with the recount in the interest of accuracy. On the plus side, we’re seeing some interesting trends emerge from the data, and the extra time is allowing us to assemble that into some cool extras that we’ll be sharing with everyone here on the site.

In regards to folks who named series, we decided to count them as one vote for every eligible book in that series. So if you listed “Wheel of Time” then we added a vote for all six eligible books in that series.

Here’s the weird part—and ultimately why we decided to go that route—adding those votes to the single-book voting tally didn’t change the initial line-up of the top ten most-voted books at all. It didn’t even change the top twenty! Books moved up and down by a couple spaces, but the winners from the single-vote tally remained a true reflection of the books picked by the entire voting pool.

So that’s the status of the Best Of as of the end of January. Expect us to bust out in celebration in the next few weeks, though, if only because we’ll be done counting!


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