Do You Like Your Urban Fantasy On the Down-Low or Out in the Open?

Here at, we’ve got entire floors teaming with brainy werewolves, goofy wizards, intelligent unicorns, brooding vampires and sexy trolls.  But is it better to keep these fantastic secrets locked in a vault, or have it all out there in the open? 

We asked our Facebook friends over on Tor Urban Fantasy which they prefer in their UF: an Open World in which everybody knows about magical creatures (like The Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews) or a Closed World in which such things are a secret (as in The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning)?

Here’s a little of what we’ve heard so far:

Melissa Walker Castro said: “I love both, but closed worlds make for some interesting drama. Plus, it adds a sense of mystery to the plot.”

Pip Hunn said: “Transitional! I love reading about the reactions of people when they discover the supernatural exists among them… Or when the unusuals try and go into hiding / exile.”

Beth Davis Cato said: “It really depends on the story!”

So…all  you secret Magicians and Ghoul Wranglers, what do think?  Do you like your Urban Fantasy closed or out in the open?


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