Announcing Wheel of Time on Facebook and Twitter is pleased to announce the addition of a Wheel of Time portal, on both Facebook and Twitter, to our little family of pages.

Overseing this corner of the Pattern is Jennifer Liang, who has been active in various forms of fandom since 1998. Jennifer is now an administrator and co-webmaster of Dragonmount, the largest Wheel of Time fan site. She is the director of Wheel of Time programing for Dragon*Con and the chair of JordanCon, a Wheel of Time-themed convention. In 2009, Jennifer became the maintainer of the WOTFAQ, a document that has existed online in various forms since 1993. When not obsessing over who killed Asmodean, Jennifer teaches middle school social studies and blogs about recipes, restaurants and gardening.

TorDotWoT joins the already existing portals for science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, and art. Come join the conversation!


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