Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Review

Joining the deluge of movies about aliens is Battle: Los Angeles. It would appear to be a more localized riff on the Independence Day premise of “malevolent aliens exterminating the Earth’s human population in order to plunder our natural resources” premise, but with grittier cinematography and Michelle Rodriguez instead of Will Smith. Hmm. I never thought I’d say this, but can’t we just re-release Independence Day?

Something’s in the water. With last fall’s release of Skyline and Monsters, and this spring yielding this mildly ridiculous thing and the apparently-more-promising Paul and Cowboys vs. Aliens, there sure is a lot of extraterrestrial interest in Earth. Some of them are neutral or harmless (Monsters, Paul), but the ones in Battle: Los Angeles sure aren’t. They blow up a lot of stuff, and kill a lot of people. All to steal their natural resources. Human beings would never do such a thing.

Anyway, I’m kind of cheating with this prognostication, as I’m going by more than just the trailer, but a critic friend of mine—who has reasonably reliable taste—saw Battle: Los Angeles (he didn’t say how) and said it was godawful. So I’ll say this is probably not going to be terribly good. However, explosions and aliens don’t grow on trees, so on a slow night this March, when not feeling terribly cerebral, it might do.

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