Muad’Dib Rides a Crocheted Sandworm

It’s hard to write a proper introduction for this:

Yes, that is a crocheted Paul (Atreides) Muad’Dib in his Fremen stillsuit, riding atop a sandworm. I had only finished Dune the day before I found it and was blown away by its creativity. The duo were made by deviant Artist “Smapte” and featured there before being sold in her Etsy store.

From behind, you can really see the sandworm’s rings, an important feature if you ever hope to catch or steer it.

One ring was designed wider than the rest to create a space for the Paul figure to stand. Velcro pads on his feet and two “Maker hooks” help him keep his balance, but he can go elsewhere on the worm or the two may be separated. The sandworm is nearly two feet long and has pipe-cleaners edging its mouth so that it can be curved open or closed as desired. The two strings coming from Paul’s nose are part of his stillsuit, recapturing his breath.

According to her deviantART page, Smapte made the entire thing freehand without a pattern. This isn’t the first fun and geeky doll set Smapte has created. Some other fantastic geeky characters she’s designed and sold in her Etsy shop, Xanadoodle, are a set of Firefly characters (second half in another photo in the listing):

the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) plus Q (amazing hair on Troi):

and the cast of Lost, including a smoke monster:

When I asked Smapte what was up next, she hinted that it’ll be nine characters from a rather popular film of the late 90s, along with a rug that’ll “really tie the room together.”


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