The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

Cool Doctor Who Stuff Around the Internet

While assembling the Twelve Doctors of Christmas series, we here at happened across a lot of cool random Doctor Who stuff. None of it was really big or new enough to exclaim about in a post, like the above one-of-a-kind TARDIS/Doctor matryoshka dolls, but in the interest of cool stuff everywhere, we thought we’d collect it all into one place for your browsing leisure!

Doctor Who wearables comprise a lot of what we found, including some striking designs and cosplay:

TARDIS dress

TARDIS dress


Doctor Who cosplay

Dalek and TARDIS cosplay at Chicago TARDIS 2010


Who's Who t-shirt

“Who’s Who” t-shirt from Geeks of Doom


Illustrated doctors

Illustrated Doctor figures from Michael Constantine
(full detail and more in the link)


TARDIS bookcase

Finally, something we’d love for our own office…a TARDIS bookcase!


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