Ducked and Covered: A Survival Guide to the Post Apocalypse by Nathaniel Lindsay

We’re a little bit late to this party, but Nathaniel Lindsay’s award-winning and ever-so-helpful guide to surviving—nay, thriving—in a stark, post-apocalyptic hellscape covers all the important basics: heads on pikes, how to get on the fast track to becoming a warlord, and the (continued) importance of booze and cigarettes in a post-Armageddon economy.

The best part is how many of these helpful strategies can be applied just as effectively to surviving the holidays: never underestimate the power of a sturdy weapon or well-placed skull on a pike when attempting to mitigate the relentless awkwardness of office party conversation or navigating the emotional minefields of resentment-fueled family gatherings. Remember: the only real difference between December and the post-apocalypse is that the present batch of terrifying mutants will be wearing itchy reindeer sweaters, breathing toxic eggnog fumes, and may share your genetic material, so watch and learn.

Happy holidays, and welcome to the Thunderdome.


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