Visit Sunny Monster Island!: Justin Van Genderen’s Comic Book Travel Posters

Graphic designer Justin Page has posted up a handful of original comic book travel posters by Justin Van Genderen over at his blog Rampaged Reality. I am a sucker for two things, comic books and art deco design, so finding these was a particular highlight of my day.

It looks like Van Genderen is just getting started. I’d love to see a bigger selection. How about the above-mentioned Monster Island? Or Atlantis? (DC or Marvel!) Latveria’s poster probably demands you to have a good time.

The possibilities for offworld travel posters are even more endless. The vistas of Oa must be amazing, and who wouldn’t like to visit beautiful Zenn-La (post-Galactus)? You could even sell a “discontinued” poster for Krypton. (Too soon?)


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