The Reading Slump… |

The Reading Slump…

It’s something we all dread—that moment when, no matter how many great books fill your shelves, you can’t find anything of interest to read. The weeks where you barely pick up a book. The time during which you’re unable to finish anything you do manage to pick up. Yep, that’s right—I’m talking about the Reading Slump!

So we asked on Facebook and Twitter to find out how other people copy with reading slumps…


Elizabeth: God, I hate to admit it, but I LOVE fanfiction when I’ve got nothing else to read.

Rafael: I change language. When nothing in English appeals to me, I go around my Spanish and Italian bookshelves; if still nothing grips me, I dig in the German one.

Ronald: I read several books at one time. That way I tend to maintain interest in something.



This is easy. I get out of a reading slump by switching to manga for a while. Pretty bishie guys and large moe eyes—fun! @PRationality

What’s this “reading slump” you speak of? @KarenBaskins

I start with something familiar and often re-read @ruthbeingruth

I wish I knew. I’ve been in one for months @scottaylorpgh

Stop reading for work for a week, and just read something for pleasure. Happens to agents and editors all the time @ColleenLindsay

Sit up straighter maybe? ;-) @sfbook

Read something that you normally would not read? @QQwill


Do you have any suggestions? Which of the above work best for you?


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