Solstice Countdown Day #4 Giveaway: Juvenile Book Pack from Gris Grimly & Charles Vess

The Solstice Countdown Day #4 giveaway is a pack of middle-grade and young adult books, illustrated by the darkly whimsical Gris Grimly and reknowned fantasy artist Charles Vess!

For the parents who can’t wait to gift their Sandman trades to their kids, but know it’s not quite time yet, we’re offering up four titles to ease the transition.

Gris Grimly takes the artistic reins on The Cockatrice Boys, by Joan Aiken, a tale of a ravenous cockatrice and the brave young village kids who decide to end its reign of cockatyranny. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) If that’s too scary for the young’uns, switch it out with Grimly’s illustrated Pinocchio, a cautionary tale of a mean wooden boy who better stop playing tricks or else it’s the whale for him. (Bonus! The Cockatrice Boys illustrated by Gris GrimlyPinocchio makes an excellent assistant when teaching your children about paradoxes.)

Now, your children may scrunch their face up in exasperation when you give them Peter Pan, but just tell them that it contains pirates, magic, flying orphans, and art by Charles Vess. When they ask who Charles Vess is, tell them he’s the guy behind the illustrated version of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. When they ask who Neil Gaiman is, tell them he’s their real daddy, and that’s why you like Charles Vess so much, son/daughter. This logic is unassailable.

Peter Pan illustrated by Charles VessThe final book in the pack isn’t illustrated by either artist, but helpful in lubricating the brain-gears responsible for making sure you question the reality around you. It’s Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother.

All four of these titles are being offered as one pack and we’re giving you a nice big twelve-hour window for this giveaway.

The Official Rules: To enter, tweet (or retweet) about the giveaway on Twitter using the hashtag “#day4”—duplicates won’t count—until 9:00 PM EST. One winner will be randomly selected from those comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours of the giveaway’s conclusion; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Congrats to Twitter user kalafudra for winning the book pack!

Info on’s Solstice Countdown can be found here.


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