You’re in the TARDIS! What’s the first time/place you go to?

We were in a Doctor Who sort of mood this morning and threw a question out to everyone: What’s the first place (and time) you would ask The Doctor to take you?

We put the question out there to both our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers, and here are some of the replies.

Our very favorite answer was off of Facebook:

Marc Dolan: The TARDIS would make the perfect NYC apartment: phonebooth-sized on the outside, at least 3-bedroom within

From Facebook:

Mary Alice Kropp: I think I’ll let him pick! It’s bound to be interesting, wherever and whenever it is!

Abdel Masdoua: The Medusa Cascade! [Stubby: But it was full of Daleks that one time!]

Helen McNamara: I’d like to see New Orleans during the jazz age myself.

Andrej Gadzo: November 5, 1955. Hill Valley, California.

Leslie Annis: I’ll just flag my answer as not FB appropriate right now… XD

From Twitter:

To the Library of Alexandria before its destruction, of course (rescue the scrolls!) !

It doesn’t matter where you ask the doctor to take you- you’re going somewhere completely different. You’ve seen him drive.


1969 to greet astronauts on the moon

Gettysburg Address. Me, the Doctor, Lincoln. We’ll get our Vampire slayer on.

@ _dger_
I always loved the entropy room in Logopolis! (Old school dr who!)

Some beautiful galaxy, of course, to just look out of the TARDIS door. I love space!

We are boring and would just tell him to send us back a week so we can finish our work on time, but how about you?


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