A geeky-crafty Black Friday (or anytime) shopping list

It’s Black Friday and anyone with any sense is staying far, far away from the stores. But, the holidays are coming and there’s shopping to be done so, here’s a few geeky ideas that you can’t find at the mall.


The cutest wee’thulhu you ever did see. Hand crocheted by Cthulhu Chick, available in a variety of colors, themes, and sizes. You can even get gift certificates to let your soon-to-be-demented loved ones choose their own demise.

Chopping Block postersChopping Block has the smartest geek tees and prints. (And I’m not just saying that because I went to school with these guys.) $5.00 off every purchase of their “Beyond Earth” tee goes to The Planetary Society. Be sure to check out their iconic Lord of the Rings posters.

Earth Fire Studios

For fantasy and/or steampunk infused jewlery, check out Earth Fire Studios.

Dragon Chow Dice Bags

Give some style to the gamer in your life with costum dice bags from Dragon Chow Dice Bags. Many sizes and styles to be had.

Cylon knit hatCylon hat! Do really you need any more encouragment than that? From Geeky Knit.

Cthulhu knit baby cap

Because there’s never enough cuddly Cthulhu in the world, these baby caps are frakin adorable. Also, baby bathmitts, scarves, and more at The Pink Toque. And then check out her Geek Soap shop. 20-sided soap on a rope!

Geek Soap

Handcrafted clocks

For those with better-than-publishing salaries, check out these amazing handcrafted clocks from Eric Freitas. Drawings, prints, and posters are also available. (If you are at all tempted, prices are much more reasonable than I expected. Drop him a line.)

Jeremy Geddes

Many illustrators sell signed prints of their work straight off their websites. Have a favorite cover artist or game card? Do a quick search and hunt them down. In this instance, check out one of my favorite painters, Jeremy Geddes, and his brilliant series of surreal astronauts.

geek soap from Luxury Lane

Luxury Lane Soaps has various Star Wars, Doctor Who, and (my favorite) Young Frankenstein “Abby Normal” soaps.

Game controller ornamentsElegant and nerdy. Use Your Digits cut game controller ornaments. (Bracelets available, too.)

Comic wallet

Comic Wallet. DC Universe, Marvel, and otherwise. Actual pages from actual comics.

Heifer International

And for the loved ones that seems impossible to shop for (we all have them) buy a goat in their honor. From Heifer International, dedicated to giving impoverished families around the world a renewable source of food rather than short-term monetary relief. Seriosuly, buying farm animals that you are not obligated to poop-scoop is way more fun than standing in line at a department store.

Merry Pranxter, Tardis wrapping paper

And then wrap it all up (except for the goat) with Tardis wrapping paper by Merry Pranxter. Other geek varieties available.

Irene Gallo needs to thank (more than she should admit) Being Ruth, librarian and Cthulhu’s maker, for this list. Happy hunting, everyone!


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