Pictures from SteamCon II

Just back from SteamCon ll and I was completely underdressed. Nearly everyone there was dressed to the nines. Say, about 1909. Certainly 1869, as this year’s event was titled, “Weird Weird West.” The best kind of weird. Like Custer with goggles, or The Lone Ranger with jetpack weird.

This was my first SteamCon and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The level of whimsy, and flat out awesome seemed to hit a new genre high. It was grand, creative fun!

Next year I’ll dress the part, and party like it’s, umm, 1899.

SteamCon II

Best Hat in Show?

SteamCon II


SteamCon II

Steampunk Kitty Pryde?

SteamCon II

SteamCon II

All photos by Gregory Manchess. Overexcited captions by assorted staff.

Greg Manchess is an artist and writer working in New York and Portland.


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