Time to Give Thanks and Praise!

Thanksgiving is looming; are you all prepared? Lists made, food brought, ovens at the ready?

In amongst all those preparations, we are hoping that you are ready to give thanks—to all those authors who add a little to your life!

We put the question out there to both our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers, and here are some of the very touching replies.

Ashley from Facebook: Lloyd Alexander. Those hot summer days between fifth and sixth grade, with my feet in the kiddie pool full of cat hair and bugs and all five Chronicles of Prydain. My life would be very different without him.

Doug from Facebook: Robert Jordan, for creating the greatest world fiction has ever known, and Brandon Sanderson for continuing and completing our journey in that world.

Chris from Facebook: Tolkien, for being more profoundly insightful into the way the world works than nearly any other author of the 20th century—for coining the term and solidifying the idea of eucatastrophe, for scorning allegory and choosing instead to simply tell a story that carries the weight of truth because it hews close to the world as we see it, and for teaching generations the meaning of nobility, self-sacrifice, and heroism.

@Catchn: Terry Pratchett. Man is a genius, both as a writer and a person, and he’s witty, smart, thoughtful…books always make me happy.

@Berwyn77: I’m most thankful for JRR Tolkien and HG Wells because without those two, we wouldn’t have everything that followed.

@LiterateKnits The answer has to be J K Rowling. I may talk about loving other authors, but her work profoundly influenced my life. Thanks JKR!

@jeffphotos I’m going to say Neil Gaiman. Because he never fails to delight, thrill, fascinate, entertain, make me think, get me involved!

@dilettante: Lois McMaster Bujold! I don’t want to live in a world without Miles Vorkosigan.

@ReneeRBA: I’m thankful for Octavia Butler, while we had her. She made me think deep and see what a woman of colour could do with the genre of spec fic.

Now it’s your turn. Take a break from those frenzied preparations, sit back and contemplate all those authors who have brought you such joy. Let’s take this opportunity to give thanks and praise!


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