’s Zazzle Store is Open!

A quick announcement for readers:

The store on Zazzle has been updated and re-opened! The store features specific merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) as well as Gift of the Zombi cardsome holiday-themed items, because what would the end of the year be without Cthulhu there to promise you naught but madness? Pretty boring is right! (As you can see above, it’s also available on a baby.)

Zombi Magi are also on hand to bring brains to the child savior. (We think…)

Zombie Christmas card

And nothing brings more joy to one’s fearful eyes than a zombie getting exactly what it wants in its stocking.

There are more cards and other items in the store, so browse through it when you get a chance. Have a suggestion or idea as to what you’d like to see in the store? Feel free to give us a shout in the comments.


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