I Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Just got home from a midnight showing. IMAX. Wow.

This isn’t a review, really;  I’m not an expert on the various ups and downs, arcs and aesthetics of the Harry Potter movies. And it’s four a.m. (Though the movie wasn’t four hours long, it just took me a while to shuffle out of the theater and get home. It ran ~2:36 and felt shorter.)

No, there will be a real review soon. But I am a big Harry Potter fan, and if anyone else here was nuts enough to go to the midnight or three a.m. showings, please come talk about it with me! I am so curious to hear other people’s reactions!

First thing’s first: I did cry. But not when bad things happened—it was the appearance of a blue, glowing deer that did me in. Cast your mind back. Yes, that blue glowing deer. And my weepy moment was emblematic of a) a problem that has always plagued these movies, and b) something I enjoy about them: they’re for people who already speak the language. Fluently. If you do, it’s quite thrilling, and this movie, being only part one, has a lot to offer in the way of things-to-come; it opens at the close.

Whoops. Micro-review, up to and including snappy last line, which I have now defused. I must have just kept writing to drown out the drunk teenagers on this train. Why couldn’t the nice Potter cosplayers have gotten on instead? Tonight, in addition to many Harrys and Death-Eaters, we saw a couple as Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy (OMG, he’s back! He’s all shaken and scruffy! <3), an excellent Molly Weasley, and, of all things, two dudes dressed as Nimbus 2010’s.

First reactions? Anyone have a cool midnight show experience?


Megan Messinger is going to bed, hoping not to dream of You-Know-Who…


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