From Twitter: That Dreaded To Be Read pile!

The TBR pile. Books To Be Read. Shelves or stacks of books (or, now, entries on an eReader perhaps).

We asked the lovely people on Twitter about their #TBR piles and can now pop them into the following categories!


– 8 or so books @WordTipping

 – My #TBR pile is only (!) six books right now. Finally working through it @jaimecallahan



– Over 100 books. It gives me nightmares @tehawesomersace

 – My #TBR pile has shrunk to 70 books. It will grow with holiday gifts, and temptations while shopping @ms_marques



– I look around and realize it’s actually zero @jeffphotos

 – 0. I read much faster than I can find new books to read @phirate



– At present the #TBR pile is measured in feet, not volumes @drfidelius

 – What pile? I have a #TBR bookcase! @tonylinde

 – If you stack them up, one on the other, it’s over three stories tall. I’ve measured @temporus

 – My #TBR pile is taller than I am and probably weighs more too @u_Bik

Which category does your To Be Read pile fit into? Is there a particular book on there you’re just dying to get to?


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