Create a Six Word Science Fiction Story!

Last week we asked folks following us on Twitter if they could create a 6 word fantasy story, so this morning we tackled science fiction! (In, of course, six words.) Some of the many, many, many selections on display through the #sixwordscifi hashtag:

Computer viruses actually alien ambassadors. Oops. – @LAGilman
Singularity arrives, nothing happens, blame bureaucracy. – @RichardFife
In retrospect, crossbreeding lemmings and dinosaurs… – @theechoinside
I just want to be human. – @sfsignal
Oh my God, it’s full of—- – @fabiofernandes
Armstrong said, “These aren’t our footprints.” – @daytonward

And perhaps our favorite one…

Dream sequence: Riker stops chewing scenery. – @ru3

Add your own below!


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