Steampunk Fortnight

Get Your Steam on II: New Steampunk Events the World Over

If our convention giveaway post left you in a state of “Why don’t I live in Seattle/Philly/Santa Clara!”-induced despair, then perhaps you need a steampunk event of your very own. This list will attempt to gather some of the many upcoming events where you can get involved in the community—or at least observe the phenomenon in its natural habitat.

One-time or annual events:

Recurring or roaming events:

  • Gaslight, monthly in San Francisco, CA. Next event is 11/13.

  • Chrononaut, recurring in San Diego, CA. Next event is 12/9.

  • The Clockwork Ball, recurring in Raleigh, NC.

  • Dances of Vice events. Recurring in New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY. Technically “Jazz Age, Victorian, Rococo and New Romantic Events,” but there’s a large steampunk contingent. Upcoming events include “PhantasmaGOREY: Edward Gorey Halloween Spectacular” (10/31).

The field is growing so rapidly that I’m sure I’m missing something (especially international events), but if you comment with something that I missed, I’d be happy to add it to the list until the end of the Fortnight. Enjoy your newfound steampunk lifestyle!

[Photograph by Chad Heird of New York’s Steampunk Haunted House.]

Liz Gorinsky is an editor at Tor Books. She is deeply sorry she cannot be in several places at once.


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