Sarah Jane Stratford’s The Midnight Guardian Giveaway!

Great news for fans of Sarah Jane Stratford, paranormal fiction, and the Millennial series. St. Martin’s Griffin, the publisher behind Stratford’s latest book, The Midnight Guardian, is giving away free copies!

We’ll be randomly selecting a total of fifteen commenters, five from this blog post, five retweeters, and five commenters from Facebook in the next 48 hours. (Until 3 PM EST on Thursday.)

The Midnight Guardian takes place in 1938 in the midst of World War II. Hitler’s tentacles have commenced their stranglehold on Europe and the Nazi empire will soon be purged of all “tainted” bloodlines…including vampires.

London’s ancient tribunal of vampires is aghast at the destruction taking place on the Continent and resolves to send its five most formidable vampires— immensely powerful “millennials” who have lived more than a thousand years— to infiltrate and destroy the Nazis. Brilliant and beautiful millennial Brigit is loath to go, for it means leaving behind her vampire lover Eamon, whom she made eight centuries ago. But go she must; her powers are needed if the mission is to have any chance of success.

You can also read an excerpt from the first two chapters here on


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