xkcd’s Updated Map of Online Communities

A few months ago, I blogged about Flowtown’s attempt to revamp Randall Munroe’s original Map of Online Communities, first published in May, 2007, by creating the 2010 Social Networking Map. While it was interesting to compare the two versions, the newer map left something to be desired; in the comments, readers debated the shift in terminology from “online communities” to “social networks” and the omission of communities like 4chan, Fark, Reddit, Digg, and QQ, among others. Happily, Munroe has reclaimed his title as Official Cartographer of the Interwebs with a new and wondrous update of his own…Rather than expound at length upon its awesomeness, I’ll just post it here and let the LOLs commence:

Check out the giant version of the map here, and for the record: I love xkcd so much.

Bridget McGovern has definitely traveled through the harrowing Plains of Awkwardly Public Family Interactions, and would rather face a night swim through troll-infested waters.


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