Twitter Casts a (Theoretical) Rand al’Thor

Earlier this morning we asked folks following us on Twitter who would make a good Rand al’Thor in a Wheel of Time movie or TV mini-series. (We haven’t heard of anything like that being planned, sorry to say. We’re just curious.) Some interesting initial responses regarding our beloved lantern-jawed loobie below the cut.

Chris Hemsworth as Rand al'Thor @Maischeph
For Rand: Chris Hemsworth aka Thor in 2011 (and George Kirk in 2009 Star Trek)
Eddie Redmayne as Rand al'Thor @westerosorg
Eddie Redmayne could do a good job, though I suppose one would want to cast nearer the described ages.
Andrew Garfield as Rand al'Thor @EwaSR
the new Spiderman lad, Andrew Garfield. He’s by far the closest to my mental image of Rand!
James McAvoy as Rand al'Thor @mikepaxton
James McAvoy
Studio Ghibli @nomadatrest
I’d rather see #wot animated, preferably in a late 80’s Studio Ghibli style.

One suggestion wasn’t for Rand, but was something we could not, in good conscience, deny:

Don’t know, but could definitely see Sam Elliott as Thom… See his face and you’ll know why.

Sam Elliott as Thom Merrilin

That bunny daemon ain't fooled by you.

Who would be your Rand?


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