Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Bottle” and “Dot”

After a long hiatus, Saturday Morning Cartoons are back! If you are new to the series, we will show two animated shorts every Saturday—usually quirky, often dark, and occasionally even cartoon-like. René Walling and I will be trading weeks this time around.  I hope you enjoy the movies below—if it leaves you wanting more, visit our Saturday Morning Cartoon Index.


Bottle: Sand and snow send love letters in a bottle. Heartbreaking. (Also check out Kirsten Lepore’s confectionary love story, “Sweet Dreams.”) 5.25 minutes

Dot:  A chase scene made charming. Great ending. 1.37 minutes.

Kirsten Lepore

Sumo Science

For more great animation, visit our Saturday Morning Cartoon Index.


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