Celebrate Caprica Day in October!

I had way too much fun making that promo.

Caprica fans rejoice! Remember that nonsense about Caprica Season 1.5 not airing until January? Yeah, SyFy realized that was stupid, too. Now, Caprica returns on Tuesday, October 5th at 10PM EST on SyFy, right after Stargate Universe.

In addition to Season 1.5 airing on October 5th, that’s also the day that Caprica Season 1.0 will be released on DVD! The boxed set, which also includes the unrated/extended pilot episode, comes with oodles of extras including podcasts, video blogs from the set, and 48 deleted scenes!

Wait, was that a typo? Let me read that again… *reads again*

Nope, that’s right. 48 DELETED SCENES. I swear to Mars that if too many of them are Sam Adama scenes, I’m gonna cut a bitch.

In any case, this isn’t only good news for fans. It’s also good news for newbies who want to give this show a whirl. Buy/Netflix (I love that Netflix is a verb now) the first half of the season and marathon the frakkers so you can watch the new episodes of Caprica live!

And yes, if you enjoy the show, it’s important that you watch the show live rather than DVR, if you can. There’s still no word on a Season 2, and they probably moved the remaining episodes up from January is to see how it does in the ratings in a new time slot with a strong lead-in. Those ratings will pretty much make the decision for them. So, like Bill O’Reilly says, DO IT LIVE! (That never gets old!) And spread the word to people you think might like the show. There’s also a #CapricaArmy forming on Twitter!

Lastly, whether you’re a Caprica newbie, or a fan who needs a refresher, SyFy put together this video to get you caught up! Enjoy, and get ready for the exciting second half of Season One of Caprica!

Teresa Jusino was born on the same day that Skylab fell. Coincidence? She doesn’t think so. Her “feminist brown person” take on pop culture has been featured on websites like ChinaShopMag.com, PinkRaygun.com, PopMatters.com, and CentralBooking.com (edited by Kevin Smokler). She is currently working on several fiction projects, including a web series for Pareidolia Films called The Pack, which she hopes to debut by the end of the year! Get Twitterpated with Teresa, Follow The Pack or visit her at The Teresa Jusino Experience.


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