Zombie Week on Tor.com

What is it about zombies that make them such a perennial favorite, as far as monstrous undead beings go? Why have they captured our collective imagination so completely for decades, lurching their way through our fiction and movies, eventually infecting every aspect of pop culture from video games to music to the darkest recesses of the internet?

Maybe it’s because zombies force us to reflect on our own mortality, or maybe it’s the way they lend themselves so well to political and social allegory… perhaps there’s just something perversely admirable in their single-minded pursuit of human brains—say what you want about zombies, but you have to admit that they’re persistent: zombies, much like Goonies, never say die. (Then again, they don’t usually say much of anything. Unless moaning counts).

Whatever the explanation, zombies are more popular than ever right now, and Tor.com is thrilled to announce that for the next seven days, we’ll be barring the doors, barricading the windows and giving ourselves over to a full-scale invasion of the undead. Join us throughout Zombie Week for a relentless onslaught of articles, stories, original comics and more (along with our regularly scheduled programming, of course).


Here’s just a sampling of what’s coming up during Zombie Week:

  • Come by and chime in on our Zombie Question of the Day—we’ve put together a survey covering everything from favorite zombie movies to zombie-killing weapons of choice and survival tactics and unleashed it on an array of zombie aficionados including authors Steven Gould, Carrie Ryan, Seanan McGuire, Amelia Beamer, David Moody, Christopher Golden, and many more…
  • Check out our Zombie Caption Contest, headed up zombie expert John Joseph Adams, featuring a fabulous prize pack comprised of over $500 worth of assorted books, movies, and zombie-themed swag.
  • Throughout the week, we’ll be showcasing original zombie fiction, reprints from Neil Gaiman and David Wellington, original comics from Sean Bieri and Teetering Bulb, and excerpts from The Loving Dead (Amelia Beamer, Night Shade Books), Dust (Joan Frances Turner, Penguin), The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten (Harrison Geillor, Night Shade Books), and The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies (Mac Montandon, Wiley)
  • A unholy horde of grisly guest bloggers, including:

    • Roger Ma on how to take down the undead in hand-to-hand combat
    • Paula R. Stiles on zombies in ancient and medieval history
    • Lake Woebegotten’s own Harrison Geillor on small town zombie uprisings
    • Artist Dave Palumbo’s overview of zombie art featuring commentary from some of the best in the business
    • An epic zombie playlist courtesy of “Frequency Rotation” blogger Jason Heller
    • Tips on zombie etiquette from Tor.com advice columnist Ellen B. Wright
  • Plus zombie films, zombie video games, zombie poetry, and zombie preparedness tips from your wily and resourceful Tor.com staff!

Zombie Week fiction:

09/13: “Bitter Grounds” by Neil Gaiman

09/13: “Zombies vs. Scenesters” by Sean Bieri
09/14: “Good People” by David Wellington
09/14: “Zombies vs. Scenesters #2” by Sean Bieri
09/15: “Dear Melissa” by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon
09/15: “Zombies vs. Scenesters #3” by Sean Bieri
09/16: “Preparations” by Mark Mills
09/16: “Zombies vs. Scenesters #4” by Sean Bieri
09/17: “Zombies vs. Scenesters #5” by Sean Bieri

Here’s what’s been posted so far:

Zombie Week on Tor.com

09/13: Zombie Week Survey: Monday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern

Odysseus and Tiresias

09/13: Historical Zombies: Mummies, The Odyssey, and Beyond by Paula R. Stiles
09/13: Return of the Tor.com Name-that-Zombie Caption Contest by John Joseph Adams
09/13: Zombie Hand-To-Hand Combat: A Defensive Primer by Roger Ma
09/13: Zombies: The Regular Schmuck of the Monster World by Bob Fingerman
09/13: Zombies and Their Haunts by Joe McKinney
09/14: Presenting “Good People” by David Wellington by John Joseph Adams

Zombie Week on Tor.com

09/14: Zombie Week Survey: Tuesday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern
09/14: Favorite Zombie Art: A Gallery by Dave Palumbo
09/14: I Rocked with a Zombie: An Undead Playlist by Jason Heller and Jesse Bullington
09/14: Excerpt from Dust by Joan Frances Turner
09/14: That’s Not Billy Anymore by Adam-Troy Castro

09/14: Top Five Undercredited Contributions to Zombie History by Julia Sevin

Zombie Week on Tor.com

09/15: Zombie Week Survey: Wednesday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern
09/15: Zombies, They’s be a Walkin’ by Richard Fife
09/15: Zombie Round Table: What is the Appeal of Zombie Fiction? by John Joseph Adams
09/15: The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor
09/15: Six or Seven Zombie Films You Haven’t Seen (And May Not Want To See): Part 1 by R.J. Sevin
09/16: The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies by Mac Montandon

Zombie Week on Tor.com

09/16: Zombie Week Survey: Thursday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern 
09/16: Interview: David Lubar on Zombie Humor By John Ottinger III
09/16: The Time I Fought Matsuo Basho by Ryan Mecum
09/16: The Evolution of Zombie Video Games: A Brief Treatise by Peter Malloy
09/16: Six or Seven Zombie Films You Haven’t Seen (And May Not Want To See): Part 2 by R.J. Sevin
09/16: Zombies and steampunk and games, oh my! by GD Falksen
09/17: Zombie Round Table: Favorite Examples of Zombie Fiction by John Joseph Adams
09/17: Word to the Wired #2: Undeadiquette by Ellen B. Wright

Zombie Week on Tor.com

9/17: Zombie Week Survey: Friday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern
9/17: Frequency Rotation: Jeffrey Lewis, “If You Shoot the Head You Kill the Ghoul” by Jason Heller
9/17: Josh Cochran draws Zombies Vs Unicorns by Irene Gallo
9/17: Beware of Zombies Bearing Metaphorical Significance by Joshua Starr
9/17: Common Lines by Catherine MacLeod
9/17: 20th Anniversary Tribute to Night of the Living Dead (1990) by Julia Sevin

Zombie Week on Tor.com

9/18: Zombie Week Survey: Saturday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern
9/18: Night of the Living Trekkies, the book trailer by Stubby the Rocket

Zombie Week on Tor.com

9/19: Zombie Week Survey: Sunday of the Dead by Bridget McGovern
9/20: Review: Dust by Joan Francis Turner by Emily Kramer
9/20: Small Town Zombies by Harrison Geillor
9/20: Tor.com Zombie Readiness by Management Services
9/21:  Return of the Living Tor.com Name-that-Zombie Caption Contest Winner! by John Joseph Adams

Tor.com has a bit of history with the undead. The ongoing struggle:

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